R O L A N D    B R O C K M A N N    journalist

Garage for motorbikes in Mokolo /Cameroon

Main street of the mining town Numbi /DR Congo

A tent school for Afar pastoralists in Ethiopia

Beekeeper in the Zerafshan Valley of Tajikistan

Adivasi couple at their house in India

Woman praying in a mosque of Banda Aceh /Indonesia

Urban situation near to the Malecón in Habana /Cuba

Road worker in a forest of Burundi

Loitering street kids in Maputo /Mozambique

Distribution of mosquito-nets in rural Liberia

Distribution of mosquito-nets in rural Liberia

Dried up riverbed in Hargeisa /Somalia

Young boy in a Jewish settlement near Nablus /Westbank

Playground in the village of a Christian minority near Nablus /Westbank

Cattle owner near Garissa /Kenya at his water hole

Roland Brockmann is a Berlin-based Journalist, Camera operator, Photographer & Video producer.


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