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Serbian boys near the divided city of Mitrovica /Kosovo

Garage for motorbikes in Mokolo /Cameroon

Main street of the mining town Numbi /DR Congo

A tent school for Afar pastoralists in Ethiopia

Beekeeper in the Zerafshan Valley of Tajikistan

Adivasi looking for uncultivated food in the Indian forest

Adivasi couple at their house in India

Woman praying in a mosque of Banda Aceh /Indonesia

Urban situation near to the Malecón in Habana /Cuba

Road worker in a forest of Burundi

Wall drawings in an old prison of Burundi

Loitering street kids in Maputo /Mozambique

Distribution of mosquito-nets in rural Liberia

Distribution of mosquito-nets in rural Liberia

Dried up riverbed in Hargeisa /Somalia

Young boy in a Jewish settlement near Nablus /Westbank

Playground in a Christian community near Nablus /Westbank

Cattle owner at his water hole near Garissa /Kenya

50 ENCOUNTERS is an ongoing project that portrays people who are otherwise not perceived by the public. My first series covers average citizen of East Africa - in Swahili called "the mwananchi". I meet them along the way between Lake Malawi in southern Tanzania and Dadaab on the Kenyan border with Somalia. On the coast, in the highlands. In the savannah. Mostly in the rural. But always at eye level.

Agata Njeri Muya & her son John

Samuel Karira Maina

Joseph Nzuki

Caroline Nkirote

Alex 'Ras' Muthoni

Rosalyn Wanguthi Muriithi

Sarah Wangechi Nyaga

Florence Wanja

Samuel Muiti Ntoimaria

Mary Nyokabi

Brian Mutuma

John Munene

Roland Brockmann is a Berlin-based Journalist, Photographer & Video producer. Born 1961 in Hamburg, he has covered stories from more than fifty countries in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. His focus lies on the people and their daily life.

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