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Mitrovica / Kosovo
Lunga Lunga / Kenya
Havana / Cuba
Banda Aceh/ Indonesia
Itamar / Westbank
Chalbi Desert / Kenya
Tana River / Kenya
Chalbi Desert / Kenya
Numbi / DRC
Zerafshan Valley/Tajikistan

REAL PEOPLE OF EAST AFRICA - Portraits from Kenya & Tanzania

This is not a book about Africa, but about people I met there on four journeys (2016 – 2017) through Kenya and Tanzania. They do not represent a continent, but just themselves. They talk about what concerns them: success, failure, love, separation, hope, everyday life. And they do so in their own words. I just provided the platform, while they offered me the photographic stage: their fire place, their workshop, their apartment, their field – in other words, their centre of life. I hardly ever felt as free as on those four trips over land by minibus, motorbike taxi or on foot. It was a great adventure not to search for something, but to discover what was already there.

REAL PEOPLE OF EAST AFRICA - A Photobook with 44 Portraits and Stories - plus Essays from Alexis Malefakis and Meja Mwangi. Photo Edition Berlin 2018, Hardcover, 24x21 cm, 112 Pages, Language: German / English, ISBN 978-3-947451-02-9, 18 Euros

Roland Brockmann is a Berlin-based Journalist, Photographer & Video producer. Born 1961 in Hamburg, he has covered stories from more than fifty countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. His focus lies on the people and their true life.

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